Would you like personal support from an experienced coach who can help you find a way out of being in survival mode, helping you and your family to thrive?

Being a working parent can be challenging especially when unplanned events happen such as illness, divorce, increased workload, loss or taking on additional responsibilities.

We know that overall mums take on more of the domestic and emotional workload at home as well as childcare and care for other members of the family.  It’s physical and emotional hard work!

Whether you’re co-parenting 50:50 or doing it all alone, whether you’re in a high-flying career or working a few hours each week to get by, being a working mum can bring a lot of joy but can also be exhausting.

If you’re struggling at the moment, you need our Working Parents Coaching programme.

Whilst we haven’t got a magic wand to make it all better, you will get personal coaching sessions (usually via Zoom – so your location is no problem) tailored to your specific unique situation to help you successfully work out a plan to make effective changes, give you the resources and motivation to put it into action and discover ways to take control of your life, feel better and start to thrive. We’re here to help you lighten the load.

If your employer is interested in supporting parents and carers in the workplace ask them to get in touch with our sister business, CM Talent.



As a non-profit making social enterprise we keep our charges as low as we can, certainly lower than career coaches.  The Programme is an investment in your future and we find that clients using our services find their ideal work and start earning much quicker than other returners.

To book your Programme click the button below to take you through to schedule your first session and take payment for the Programme – and if you would prefer to speak to us first book the introductory call.


  • having a desire to make changes to your work/life balance
  • regularly feeling overwhelmed
  • feeling as though something is missing from your life as a working parent
  • struggling with relationships at home or work
  • feeling that you’ve taken on too much extra responsibility
  • being in need of a confidence boost as a working parent
  • feeling as though you are spinning too many plates
  • procrastinating or making excuses around making big decisions
  • feeling weighed down by to do lists that are far too long
  • struggling with getting your own needs met at home or work
  • feeling frustrated at the lack of time for yourself
  • struggling to adjust following a significant life change such as loss of a loved one, divorce, relocation
  • unsure how to negotiate sharing out the workload at home
  • feeling burdened by ‘mum guilt’
  • having a desire to be a better working parent
  • struggling with additional caring responsibilities
  • unsure how to study, work and be a mum all at the same time
  • feeling alone and would like a friendly expert to guide you who’s got your back.



  • 3 x hour-long confidential coaching sessions (usually via Zoom) with a dedicated Career-Mums coach
  • Follow-up summaries of the key points covered and additional resources via email
  • At the beginning we will establish with you what you are specifically looking to achieve from the coaching programme and create a plan
  • Each session is tailored towards meeting your specific plan – offering both practical and emotional support as we help to resource you to work through any challenges you are experiencing
  • At the end of each session you will feel resourceful and ready to attack any agreed actions ahead of the next session
  • Sessions tend to be held weekly or fortnightly – or even sometimes monthly – to suit your needs and timescales
  • Coaching conversations tend to offer a balance between being supportive and gently challenging you to overcome any barriers that may get in the way and giving you practical ways to break these down
  • Each coaching session is unique – and that is the power of coaching: to have someone alongside you focused on helping you achieve your plan and your success
  • On booking a Programme you’ll receive a confirmation email of the date & time of the first session and a Zoom link
  • If you’d like to talk through whether our coaching programme is for you, simply book a no-obligations introductory call where we can explore together whether it is the right option for you at this time
  • By the end of the Programme you should expect to have made significant progress towards achieving your plan and be clear about your next steps to take.


“The coaching enabled me to truly think about what’s really important to me – my values and needs. Tough questions to consider but all the better for thinking about! I’ve now transitioned to a much healthier working life, creating space to do additional studies.  I couldn’t have done without the Career-Mums support.”

Lorraine – mum of one

Training Consultant 

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