Creating a customised return to work plan: what you can expect from a Career-Mums coaching programme

Written by sally

4th September 2021

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The Career-Mums team understand the challenges of returning to work after a few months or years away from the workplace. One of the most effective and personalised approaches to helping returners to navigate the challenges of entering the workforce is through our return to work coaching – Relaunch Your Career coaching programme.  


What is Coaching?

Our coaching programme is a customised, confidential process to provide you with the personalised support, resources and guidance needed to assist you in reaching your goals. Coaching is a partnership between the dedicated Career-Mums coach and you, the client, with the focus on working together to identify goals, overcome barriers, and reach the milestones you have set for your future employment and work-life balance.

The first session focuses on setting and clarifying your goals. We discuss your desired outcomes and create a framework for an achievable, effective and individualised relaunch of your career. This plan forms the roadmap to your successful re-entry into the workplace either in a full-time, part-time, or job share position.  The coaching is useful for exploring other routes too such as retraining or becoming self employed.

Career-Mums coaching is proactive. Our coaches are qualified coaches and working parents.  We’ve all had personal experience of setbacks so know first hand the challenges you might be facing. Within the coaching sessions, we ask strategic questions to help you to identify your short and long-term goals and what might get in your way of success. From this understanding, we provide the gentle challenge needed to help you experience success. We are also here to provide resources and help in modifying your plans to maximize the success and progress in working towards your goals.

You will guide the discussions, with our coaches responding to your needs at each session. We understand the concerns and reservations many Mums have in returning to work. We provide the emotional support needed to make decisions that are in your best interests at each step along the way.  Think of your coach as your personal guide and cheerleader on your relaunch journey.


The Coaching Programme

For your convenience, our coaching sessions are offered via Zoom. However, we can also accommodate other options for sessions. The programme includes three one-hour confidential sessions with one of our trained, experienced and dedicated Career-Mum’s coaches.

We offer flexible scheduling times to accommodate your busy life. Sessions are typically held on a weekly basis, but we also work with clients requesting fortnightly meetings or coaching sessions on a monthly basis – whatever suits your circumstances and timescales best.

Throughout the coaching sessions, you are encouraged to discuss the issues that are most important for you to relaunch your career. Our coaches will provide practical resources, insight and support throughout our time together, ensuring you have a well-developed strategy and plan to move forward after each session.

To assist you in between sessions, your coach will provide a follow-up summary by email with the key points of the discussion and a list of agreed actions. This allows you to focus on the coaching session without trying to keep notes or remember strategies and steps in your plan.

After each coaching session, our clients come away with a clear understanding of the following steps they need to take to relaunch their career. They are confident in the actions they need to take and have solutions for any obstacles they may have encountered.


If you are interested in more information on our Career-Mums coaching programme, contact us for a free, no-obligation introductory call. We can’t wait to talk to you and help you find the job that is an ideal fit for your skills, abilities and talents … as well as personal and family circumstances.


Career-mums also have coaching programmes for individuals wanting to focus on career development (including preparing for a new role and developing as a leader), get support to return to work during their maternity leave, feel happier as a working parent and one-off confidence booster sessions.




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