Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Lasting Results

Written by Career Mums

10th January 2019

Another year has flown by and January 2019 is here. It’s a new year and a new start and many of us have excitedly declared our new year’s resolutions on January 1st.

Are you still feeling pretty positive about your resolutions? Now that we are just over a week in it’s really not uncommon to lose focus on what it is that you want and what’s involved to achieve it. It may be that you resolved to read more, lose weight, get a new job, retrain, build up your confidence? Whatever it is you have set for yourself recognise that it’s important to you for a reason and there will be many people on the same journey as you.

We all set off with the best intentions, however it’s not uncommon for motivation to fade along the way. Every year we get informed that the majority of resolutions tend to get broken on “Blue Monday” 16th January 2017, so just over two weeks from when they are set. If you want to keep focused and motivated for longer than two weeks follow our 5 tips to keep you laser focused.

#1 Be Specific

Many people will set resolutions to say they want ‘more’ of something, more confidence to be healthier, to read more etc. They may seem like motivational goals but these types of goals are too vague. How much more confidence do you want and by when? How will you know you have reached your goal? How many books would you like to read and by when? Write your goal down with a specific date and this will increase your chances of being committed. You will be able to look back at these goals and track your achievements.

#2 Small steps

Breaking your goal into smaller steps can help you to achieve your overall goal, if for example you plan to limit chocolate, you could research alternative healthy snacks you can replace for the times you get cravings. 

When you start to break the goals into smaller milestones that you can celebrate, you’re more likely to continue taking the relevant steps.

 Creating a step by step plan can you help you to maintain laser focus on accomplishing one small action at a time. That way you can avoid being side tracked by frustration or negative thoughts.

#3Power through doubt

After a few days and weeks, it’s not too uncommon for negative mind chatter to get in the way. Or for life to get busy and distract you from your goal. 

Often when we try something new, or something out of our comfort zone, our subconscious mind can often bring up feelings of fear, self-doubt and worry.

Recognise these triggers and challenges that may pop up along the way. Replace them with positive affirmations and place where you will be able to see every day, perhaps a screensaver on your phone and or notes jotted around the house.

#4 Keep focus on your end goal

The goal you set last week is obviously important to you. You know that and we know that. However, when we actually start to make lifestyle changes and actions towards our goals it’s also very easy to slip along the way. In fact, it’s totally normal.
It may be that you fall off the resolution wagon, you may have forgotten to go for that walk because you were too tired or forget to read your books over the weekend. Don’t despair, it doesn’t mean you are not able to continue working on your goal. There are plenty of days to get yourself back on track and remind yourself on how good it will feel when you have achieved what you set out to achieve.
If you feel that things are not going to plan don’t worry you can get yourself back on track by reframing what you haven’t achieved with what you intend to achieve going forward. When you choose to give yourself another chance and remind yourself of the positive steps that you have taken, you give yourself a chance to celebrate your progress and focus on your wins rather than getting caught up in a hopeless cycle of putting yourself down or feeling like a lost cause.

# 5 Buddy Up

Now that you have your specific goal, working with someone that understands your overall plan will make it much easier for you.

Work with someone that you trust, this may be a colleague, a friend, a personal trainer. They can give you a different perspective, especially as and when challenges get in the way or will power dips.

Set a weekly challenge that you can work on with them, this will increase your likelihood of commitment and you are more likely not to let someone else down. Buddying up helps with accountability.

They can also help you to celebrate any success, which is motivational and encouraging.

If you are looking to make your New Year’s resolutions last all year and to make 2019 your best year yet then follow these simple 5 tips.

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