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Relaunch your Career coaching

What to expect from our Relaunch Your Career coaching

We’ve helped many mums relaunch their careers through our Relaunch your Career coaching programme, but we often get asked what’s involved in the coaching and how it works. So here’s a quick run through so that you can check out whether it’s for you.

Our standard programme is 3 x 1 hr sessions

These sessions are completed by phone or via Skype, normally a week apart from each other.  We don’t record them, but we will take notes and send you an email summary of the main points that we’ve covered, including agreed actions.  You may feel that you would like a follow-on session and these can be booked on an individual basis afterwards.  Calls will be scheduled for a time that mutually suits both of us – we will charge a small additional premium for calls in the evenings and at weekends.

Each session is tailored to you

Each session is tailored to you and will focus on areas that will move you closer to achieving your goal of relaunching your career.  During the first session we will pinpoint exactly what you want to get out of the coaching programme – we call this your “Outcome”.  You may be clear on this before starting the coaching or need some help to clarify during the initial call.

There are then 3 key areas that we will focus on with a varying emphasis for each person we work with depending on your Outcome:

  1. Plan – work out in detail what it is that you want
  2. Prepare – get ready to make it happen
  3. Be Inspired – feel motivated and confident to succeed.

There will be actions to do between sessions

During the coaching session, we’ll discuss and agree actions (for example, doing some research, updating your c.v. or talking to some previous work colleagues).  We’ll make sure that you only agree to do things that are manageable for you.  We’ll also email information to you that will help you on your journey (e.g. how to update your Linked-In profile).

Every mum is unique

Every person that we work with has their own unique background and family situation.  The beauty of working with a coach over multiple sessions is that we can get to know you and what’s important to you.  No two coaching conversations are the same.  We work with women from all different professional backgrounds, educational levels and with children of all different ages from babies through to adults.  As the coaching takes place by phone or Skype we are not limited to where you are based.

The Career-Mums’ coach is there to help you get to where you want to be

We are expert coaches.  We are there to support you on your journey to relaunch your career.  We listen, we ask questions, we make suggestions, we prod a little deeper, we challenge you, we understand you and we hold you accountable for completing actions that you have agreed to do.

Often, life happens, we get distracted or we have something that stops us taking action (usually a little voice inside our head that doesn’t want us to change!) and so we support you to find a way to make the changes that you want in your working life.

Relaunch your Career coaching can be used at different times

Taking our Relaunch your Career coaching is useful for different circumstances.  Here’s a few recommended times that it’s worthwhile investing in your career support:

  • Returning to employment following a career break
  • Changing career direction
  • Returning to employment after working freelance
  • Setting up your own business to fit with childcare arrangements
  • Stepping up your business – perhaps moving from a “hobby” business to a more serious business concern
  • Retraining for a new career
  • Transitioning from part-time hours to a full time role
  • Return to work following maternity leave.

The coaching can start at any time on your journey

There’s no ideal or right time to start your coaching.  Some mums find it useful to start their coaching with no idea what they want to do – the coaching helps them to decide and to create a plan.  Other mums that we’ve worked with have had a definite idea of what they want to do, for example, have already started their own business, but need the coaching support for a final confidence boost.

Behind the Relaunch your Career coaching programme is the intention to help mums find work that they want to do and that works for their family situation.  We see so many mums settle for the first job that comes along to fit with school hours, fail to use their talents, skills and experience, undervalue themselves and lose their confidence and ambition. We don’t want you to be one of them.


Book your Relaunch your Career coaching programme here and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your first session.

If you have any further questions about our coaching or would like to speak to a Career-Mums coach before booking contact us now.

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