Recruiters specialising in flexible working

Written by Career Mums

13th May 2022

Flexible working job vacancies

We often get asked for recommendations of recruitment consultants. Here is our list of UK based recruiters specialising in flexible working roles.  As more employers realise that both men and women seek and value opportunities for flexible working, the number of specialised recruiters grows.

Flexible working arrangements are many and varied, including:

  • part-time hours
  • compressed hours
  • working from home
  • hybrid – mix of working from home & employer’s location
  • term-time only
  • lack of specific working hours
  • fixed term
  • job-share.

Recruitment Consultants specialising in flexible working arrangements


A huge thank you to our friend, Fay Wallis, for initiating this list back in 2018.  We’ve recently updated it – however it is by no means exhaustive – we are providing it as a resource to help you get started or to enhance your job hunting process – if you are aware of flexible recruiters missing from this list, please drop a note to

If you’re not having any success finding a job through recruitment consultants,  here’s our handy guide to The Jobs Market  to help you use alternative approaches in your job search.

How are you keeping track of the job’s you’ve applied for?  Get hold of our FREE Job Application Tracker.

Would you benefit from expert help? The Career-Mums team offer affordable, individual coaching to help you work out what flexible arrangements will work best for you and how to secure these as well as helping you navigate other career/working parent related challenges and opportunities. Remember, not all job vacancies are advertised – here are some of our tips for securing part-time work.

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Career-Mums’ sister company, CM Talent, works with employers to help them attract, retain and develop gender-diverse teams to close the UK’s gender pay gap.  This includes supporting employers to embrace flexible working through adopting a smart working ethos, devising and supporting returner initiatives and maternity and paternity coaching.

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