How to prepare for a successful job search

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5th June 2019

job search preparation plan

Sally Dhillon, co-founder of Career-Mums, was recently invited by Doyenne Network to share her top tips for preparing for a successful job search, as part of a series of webinars on Job Search for ambitious women.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here:

Sally advises on an Eight-Point Preparation Plan combined with a Personal Commitment Contract.


Job Search


Watch the webinar to see and hear more detail on the Eight-Point Preparation Plan which covers the following steps:

1. Job Search Outcomes

2. Positive mindset

3. Preparation time

4. Resources

5. Network

6. Skills refresh

7. Cheerleader squad

8. Self-care & rewards.

The Personal Commitment Plan is an important element to ensure you commitment to making the change that you want. We know that life can get very busy and distracting, so Sally advises that you:

  • Treat your Job Search as a Temporary Job Contract
  • Write up your Preparation Plan (use our pdf, contact us for a copy)
  • Commit to putting in the job search work
  • Show up as your professional self
  • Focus regularly on your outcomes
  • Be clear on what you are prepared to compromise on and review regularly
  • Trust that you will find your ideal role.


If you would like more tailored support to put your Job Search preparation into action, book a coaching programme with one of the Career-Mums team.

We believe that preparation is the key to successfully landing your next, ideal role.

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