How do I find a new job after redundancy as a knackered mum?

Written by sally

9th October 2020

Job search after redundancy

You’ve found out you’re being made redundant – no doubt you’ll be experiencing lots of different emotions from devastation, anger, disappointment and being scared. It’s important for you to get on with finding a new role and you know the job market has imploded – every time you hear or read the news it’s filled with more job losses and redundancies.


Here’s 5 practical things you can do to help you find a new job:


1.    Get a handle on your emotional fallout from redundancy


It’s natural to feel a whole host of emotions during redundancy situations.  Our working life is torn apart, usually without our input, we lose certainty and it is likely to tap into previous negative experiences such as feelings of rejection and isolation as well as increased anxiety as you worry about the future.

Understanding that these emotions are common and normal in situations of great change can be reassuring.

This change curve, based on the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, helps to show how our emotions tend to change over time and give hope that we can and will move through the curve so that the change becomes integrated into our future.

change curve after redundancy


It’s important to get through the anger, denial and depression stages so that you can be in a better mindset to focus on finding a new role.  Talking through your emotional reactions with a trusted friend and paying attention to your emotional response with curiosity are two ways to support yourself through your processing of this change.


2. Leave your current employer well


Ensure you get references from your current employer and contact details for people in your network. Make the most of any support, such as outplacement support, on offer from your employer.

If you feel as though the redundancy process hasn’t been handled well (such as being made redundant because you’re pregnant or a parent (both unlawful grounds for redundancy) seek advice for ways to address this from your trade union, ACAS or an employment lawyer.


3. Work out your ideal next role


Know what you want so you can be focused on your job search – role content, opportunities for career development, working hours, location, working as part of a team or solo, etc – write out a list of what you ideally want from your next role and a list of things that you definitely don’t want.

Think about the transferable skills you have that can open you up to opportunities in different sectors, particularly if you’re last role was in a sector that has been impacted heavily by the pandemic.


4. Set yourself up for success in your job search


Finding a role is a job in itself.  We take this one stage further by suggesting you actually treat it like a temporary job and create yourself a temporary job contract to hold yourself accountable.

It’s easy to turn on daytime TV rather than do another vacancy search on Indeed; get talked into meeting friends for a coffee or just put it off until another day when you might be in a more positive mood.  We get it. And that’s why we’ve created resources to help set mums, like you, up for having a successful job search.

These resources are normally only available to our coaching clients, but we’re delighted to be running a 4 week Job Search Accelerator – sign up to join our next one to support, resource and energise you through your job search efforts.


5. Get going with your job search


As the job market is vulnerable following Covid-19, it may take longer and have to make more applications to secure your next job.  See how flexible you can be around your ideal job criteria.  Don’t just chose one route to finding a new role – e.g. searching on Indeed – use other job boards, recruitment consultancies, your network and try contacting your ideal employers direct through a speculative approach.

For further support to guide you at this time, saving you undue worry and concern, get support from the experts.  Find our more about our next Career-Mums Job Search Accelerator.

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