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Our next Job Search Accelerator starts on 22nd September 2021 with the first of 4 live Zoom sessions to ramp up your Job Search.  2021 has been a challenging year – if you’re currently looking for work join the Job Search Accelerator to help you land your next job – saving you valuable time, effort and worry .  Read more about it here. 



Work Restart Programme

Our funded programme to support women back to work following a career break – for women in Coventry & Warwickshire – starts September 2021 – click here for more details and to apply



Woman Who Achieves Awards 2021

Join Career-Mums co-founder, Nishi who is a Judge of the Woman Who Achieves Awards at the Award Ceremony at Coombe Abbey on 1st October 2021 – click here for more details and tickets


We’re often invited to run in-house workshops, speak at conferences or special events on subjects relating to supporting working parents, improving gender diversity and developing more women leaders.

Contact us directly to book Sally or Nishi to speak at your event.



Recruiters specialising in flexible working

We often get asked for recommendations of recruitment consultants. Here is our list of UK based recruiters specialising in flexible working roles.  As more employers realise that both men and women seek and value opportunities for flexible working, the number of...

Talking to your boss about family needs and flexible working

Talking to your boss about family needs and flexible working. *updated 2022 It’s no surprise to those of us trying to juggle a busy family life with a demanding job, that flexible working can be a gift. Knowing we can work from home when the children need us, choosing...

Launching our Spring 2022 Work Restart Programme (Coventry & Warwickshire only)

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING RECEIVED FOR OUR SPRING 2022 PROGRAMME    The WORK RESTART PROGRAMME is our funded programme for Groundworks UK using funding from European Social Fund & The Education and Skills Agency helping women in Coventry & Warwickshire...

Creating a customised return to work plan: what you can expect from a Career-Mums coaching programme

  The Career-Mums team understand the challenges of returning to work after a few months or years away from the workplace. One of the most effective and personalised approaches to helping returners to navigate the challenges of entering the workforce is through...

5 reasons you should invest in career coaching

If your experience of careers advice is limited to a 5 minute careers session back in school or college, you may not be aware of the benefits of working with a professional career coach.  A career coach provides a platform to explore your aspirations and realise your...

How to update your CV

If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the job market, the chances are you will need to update your CV. Or, to put it another way, your chances of landing a job that meets your requirements will increase if you update your CV. There is a skill to updating a CV, and...