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7 reasons to use our new Working Parent coaching service, click through to check whether it is for you

7 reasons to use our new Working Parent coaching service

Career-Mums have launched a new coaching service specifically for working parents – Working Parents coaching.  Being a working parent can be tough, juggling the demands of work commitments, family responsibilities, career aspirations and lifestyle desires.  Parents often report that they “get-by”, “just about manage” and “never have any time for themselves”.

We tend to welcome children into our lives at critical times in our own careers – we’ve just been promoted, we’ve relocated, we’ve finally completed professional qualifications, we’ve made it to our dream job.  And then with children, comes a shift in our identity as well as all the additional responsibilities, chores and changes in our key relationships.

Our Working Parent coaching service has been designed to help you not only survive being a working parent, but to thrive both at work and at home.

Here are 7 reasons to use our new Working Parent coaching service:

  1. You’ve become a new parent

Congratulations, you’ve brought new life into the World.  Now the hard work begins.  If you are sharing the parenting load or have a partner who is taking leave to look after the new arrival whilst you resume work, adjusting to your new responsibilities (emotional, practical and financial) can be challenging, especially if you are feeling sleep deprived.  Your sense of who you are shifts as you become “daddy” or “mummy”.

Coaching can help you adjust to your new role through exploring your emotions or worries and finding a way to wear your new identity that makes sense to you whilst managing work responsibilities.

Nowadays there is more awareness and support available to address post-natal depression for the mother, but less is understood about the impact of changing family dynamics on partners. Using our coaching service gives you the opportunity to express your concerns and fears, be listened and understood, as well as finding practical ways through that works for you.

  1. Your job has changed

A change in the way in which you work, whether it be the role that you are doing, promotion, different working hours, change of location, new manager – can all have an impact on how we feel about our work.  In turn this can impact on how we cope with juggling work and family responsibilities.  Coaching can support you at times of change to adjust to the new situations, feel empowered to make additional changes to make sure that the new arrangements work and you regain a level of control.

At times, changes can feel overwhelming.  Coaching enables you to explore conflicts, increase your awareness of the broader situation and find a resolution that works for you. This is done within the safety of a confidential coaching relationship where you will feel heard and supported.

  1. Your children have transitioned to a new stage

When a child starts nursery, primary or secondary schools (or changes school mid-stage) it’s accompanied by a change in routine and potentially family dynamics. As they age, different demands are put on parents’ time and expectations – it might feel like a struggle.

Whether you are helping your 4 year old to adjust to life in Reception class, a 13 year old with puberty and friendship challenges or supporting your 16 year old with the pressures of GCSE’s, parenting can have an impact on your energy levels and attitudes to managing your work and family commitments.

For parents with more than one child, when transitions happen simultaneously this can add additional complexity to what you have to deal with.

Coaching support at critical transition times for your children can help you be the best parent that you can be at home whilst positively impacting on your performance at work.

  1. You’ve experienced a major life event

Our individual resilience is tested at times of a major life event whether it be a major illness, redundancy, the death of a loved one, divorce, relocation and so on. When we have both parenting and work responsibilities our resilience will be further tested (even if we use work or parenting as a distraction with dealing with the issues at hand).

Counselling may be a necessary source of support in this situation.  Working parent coaching provides an opportunity to reflect on the significant changes and support you in making adjustments and helpful strategies to succeed in juggling competing demands of work, family, home and dealing with the major life event.

  1. You feel stuck in a rut

The daily task of being a working parent can be one of routine, driven by a schedule and feeling mechanistic. Feeling stuck, discounted, unimportant or in a place where you don’t feel that you have an choices can eat away at yourconfidence, attitudes and sense of who you are.  This can be worsened by the daily chores of running a home and parenting.  It could be that you feel stuck in the job that you are doing, feel like you’ve lost your passion and vitality or tied into unhealthy relationships.

Working parent coaching lets you explore what is going on for you at the moment and find the motivation and strategies to get unstuck, make progress and find a new way of being, whilst taking account of all other parties involved.

  1. You feel alone

Life as a working parent can sometimes feel lonely as you manage the different demands on your time and energy.  Ensuring that you have a healthy and helpful support network around you is important to succeed as a parent.  Having back-up plans for what happens when you or a child is ill, having reliable babysitters for you to have a social life, having friends who are looking out for you and sharing your ups and downs,  carving out time for your own interests and hobbies are all part of being a healthy working parent.

Increasingly parents are spending more time working from home – an arrangement that doesn’t necessarily suit everyone’s preferences.  We are also more mobile now than ever in our history and there is an increasing chance that you live away from extended family members and the historical root of a parent’s support network.

Working parent coaching can support you to think through and build a support network that works for you and your family.  Remember the saying that it takes a village to raise a child?  Who, what and where is your village?

  1. You’re ready for a change

You could be preparing or feeling ready for a change in different ways – perhaps ready for a job change, preparing for a new family member, feel ready to change the way in which you work, perhaps leaving employment to retrain, work independently or set up a new business or want to make some changes in your domestic arrangements.

Working parent coaching will enable you to turn your ideas into definitive outcomes, set your intentions and help you to develop a workable action plan to make the changes a reality.


Working Parent coaching support from Career-Mums enables you to positively tackle issues and concerns around managing your work commitments and family responsibilities. We firmly believe that working parents who feel confident, resilient, in control and supported both at work and at home can have successful careers and create families that truly thrive.

Working Parent coaching sessions can be booked as individual sessions or a programme of 3 coaching sessions.  Coaching sessions are confidential and usually take place by phone or Skype. Booking is available on-line or call Nishi Mehta on 07912 944945 for an initial conversation to discuss whether Working Parent coaching is for you.

Are you and your family thriving?



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