CM Talent is our sister business, working closely with employers to help attract, develop and retain GENDER BALANCED TEAMS AND MORE WOMEN LEADERS

Gender pay gap reporting has put a focus on maternity discrimination, shared parental leave, gender leadership gap, gender imbalance, unconscious bias and exit of experienced female talent.  Since starting Career-Mums in 2016, we’ve been asked by employers to help with managing maternity, supporting working parents and developing more women leaders.  This led to us developing CM Talent offering a range of services for employers.

We can support your business by helping you to engage with employees going through a change in their personal circumstances with the purpose of attracting, developing and retaining top female talent, while improving general employee wellbeing. Organisations with significant gender balance, including at Board level, produce better financial results. So it makes good business sense to support your working parents.

CM Talent offers

  • Family Care Leave support (maternity, paternity, shared parental leave, adoption, other care leave)
  • Support and training for line managers in managing Family Care leave
  • New parent workshops and webinars
  • Flexible working consultation
  • Wellbeing support
  • Facilitate working parents and carers networks
  • Set up specialist in-house networks
  • Speak at women in business events
  • Unconscious bias training
  • Workshops for developing more women leaders
  • Policy development
  • Leadership coaching
  • Training for gender diversity champions and inclusive leaders.

Visit CM Talent for further details.


It gives me great pleasure to recommend CM Talent as a leading expert in the field, equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience for supporting organisations to become more gender diverse and gender literate.

Not only have they given us the confidence to have difficult conversations about some of the gender equality challenges we face as an organisation, she has given us some very practical things we can do in the workplace to bring about positive and meaningful change.

They fully engaged with us to understand our needs and have far exceeded our expectations in delivering the commissioned work. She has laid the foundations for a clear vision and blueprint to make our organisation and workplace work for everyone, now and for the future.

Above all, they have true regard and respect for the organisation they partner with and I am happy to commend CM Talent to employers who are looking to make gender equality an organisational and leadership priority.”

Mo Patel
Head of Inclusion, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust


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