Career Change


Would you like personal support from an experienced coach who can help you create and navigate ways to make it happen so that you make confident, assured work-related changes that work for you, alongside your family responsibilities and life priorities?

If so, you need our Spotlight on Your Career Coaching programme.

You’ll get personal coaching sessions (usually via Zoom – so your location is no problem) to help you successfully plan, prepare and put into action your career changes PLUS resources and follow-up to help you overcome any barriers and create your future working life.


Whether you want to explore possibilities, move into a completely different field of work, return to education or training, prepare for a step up the ladder to a more senior role, move on from redundancy or change roles we know how daunting making big (or small) decisions about your career can be and how much energy they need to be successful.



As a non-profit making social enterprise we keep our charges as low as we can, certainly lower than career coaches.  The Programme is an investment in your future and we find that clients using our services make career decisions they are happy with and make effective changes to their working life.

To book your Programme click the button below to take you through to schedule your first session and take payment for the Programme – and if you would prefer to speak to us first book the introductory call.


  • have a desire to make changes in your working life
  • struggling to know where to start to find a new role
  • have a desire to fulfil more of your potential
  • feel as though something is missing from your current work role
  • not sure what you want to do next
  • feel employers are not going to take you seriously
  • in need of a confidence boost
  • unsure how to successfully pull off a change of career
  • procrastinating or making excuses
  • wanting to feel more comfortable and have more impact during interviews and presentations
  • exploring becoming your own boss and setting up your own business
  • wanting to explore your possible future work options
  • unsure how to request or negotiate flexible work arrangements that work for you
  • struggling to move on or find work following redundancy
  • wanting to improve your performance in your current role
  • unsure how to study and work and be a mum all at the same time
  • feeling out of the loop in applying for new roles
  • feeling alone and would like a friendly expert to guide you who’s got your back.



  • 3 x hour-long confidential coaching sessions (usually via Zoom) with a dedicated Career-Mums coach
  • Follow-up summaries of the key points covered and additional resources via email
  • At the beginning we will establish with you what you are specifically looking to achieve from the coaching programme and create a spotlight plan
  • Each session is tailored towards meeting your specific plan – offering both practical and emotional support as we help to resource you to work through any challenges you are experiencing
  • At the end of each session you will feel resourceful and ready to attack any agreed actions ahead of the next session
  • Sessions tend to be held weekly or fortnightly – or even sometimes monthly – to suit your needs and timescales
  • Coaching conversations tend to offer a balance between being supportive and gently challenging you to overcome any barriers that may get in the way and giving you practical ways to break these down
  • Each coaching session is unique – and that is the power of coaching: to have someone alongside you focused on helping you achieve your plan and your success
  • On booking a Programme you’ll receive a confirmation email of the date & time of the first session and a Zoom link
  • If you’d like to talk through whether our coaching programme is for you, simply book a no-obligations introductory call where we can explore together whether it is the right option for you at this time
  • By the end of the Programme you should expect to have made significant progress towards achieving your plan and be clear about your next steps to take


“I attended three career coaching sessions with Career-Mums, after being made redundant whilst on maternity leave. The one-to-one time was very valuable to get my career on track. I was provided assistance with structuring and phrasing my CV, revising my LinkedIn profile and also suggested contacts that I could reach out to. I quickly found a new senior level part-time job as a result.” 


Lottie mum of 2

Head of PR

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