Back to School … & now time to focus on you

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1st September 2021

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What do the three words “Back to School” conjure up for you?

For parents of school age children, September feels more like the start of a new year, more so than the traditional January festivities.  Adapting to school routines, it feels like a fabulous opportunity to put yourself first and plan for the year ahead, especially after the past 18 months of surviving the pandemic.

It’s an ideal time to plan some personal and career goals for the next 12 months.  What do you want for yourself and your family?  In this blog, we’re sharing three key questions to prompt reflection and goal setting:



How do you want your life to be different in, say, 12 months?  Visualise yourself in a year’s time, what do you see differently to now? what are the things that are going to make the biggest changes:  a new fitness regime? changing career direction? finding ways to live more simply? changing certain relationships? more home cooked meals?  resolving some long-term issues? falling in love with a new interest or pursuit?

Once you’ve come up with your top things to change, ask yourself what are the first steps to take to make these changes happen?

The key to this question is giving yourself permission to dream, visualise and plan your future so that you know what you want, what you really want.

And then, most importantly, take action towards making it a reality.



Reflecting on what is working in your life right now, can be a very helpful way of appreciating all the good things and ensure you hold to them.  What do you treasure and hold dear?  Are these precious people, places, things, time?  What do each of these give you and how can you ensure that you continue to get this?

Plan to invest in maintaining and enriching everything that is working well in your life.



Letting go of the things that are not working well for us is a healthy process.  Perhaps you are holding on to unhealthy relationships, wasting time on something that you really don’t want to be doing or isn’t sustainable, continuing with job situations or home life circumstances that are not serving you well.

Sometimes we can hold on to negative thoughts, feelings and things due to fear – we’re not sure what will happen if we let go.  The best advice to trust yourself and let go.

By asking yourself these three questions, we suggest creating a top 5 list of goals to achieve during the year ahead.



The final question to ask yourself if you truly want to make this year count is: who or what is going to help you?  Perhaps turning to the abundant army of gadgets, gizmos and apps available could help you keep in track. Maybe it’s more useful to engage the wisdom, support and motivation of trusted family and friends. And for the big and more difficult to change stuff, to truly help you succeed, we recommend enlisting the help of an expert.  Experts come in all types of guises these days – whether it be a YouTube tutorial, a personal trainer, a teacher or a coach – whatever you want to change in your life, there will be an expert available, willing and able to help you succeed.

The children will be working hard to achieve their targets at school this year and hopefully having lots of fun and learning along the way (and let’s hope that they can return to a degree of normalcy this year!)

And that is our hope for you too – creating a future filled with fun and learning, moving towards your ideal future.


If you’d benefit from expert advice and support around your career – whether returning to work after a break, preparing for a career change – perhaps a leadership role – or dealing with the overwhelm and challenges that comes with being a working parent, do check out the many ways we can help you.


Happy New School Year!

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