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Feeling unsure or uncertain of how to make your next work-related move?

You know its time to make a change – whether that’s returning to work after maternity leave or a longer career break, preparing for a promotion, finding a more suitable role, stepping up as a leader or changing career direction.

There are so many things to consider: childcare, feeling out of the loop with the job market, lacking confidence, feeling overwhelmed, needing to acquire new skills, being indecisive about which route to take, blocked by previous set-backs, feeling isolated, not knowing where or how to make a start, or having dipped your toe in, being frustrated with the lack of progress.

But there’s only 24 hours in a day.

There’s only one you.

So how do you successfully move to the next stage of your working life?

The Career-Mums team can help you make a successful transition to the next stage of your working life. We can help you secure your ideal work to meet your life priorities and help you and your family thrive.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve built Career-Mums to be a successful social enterprise after we both struggled to find employment after taking career breaks. We knew if we were struggling there must be many women like us struggling too to find meaningful work that fitted alongside family responsibilities.  

The world of work felt like it didn’t embrace the flexible needs of working parents and we weren’t being welcomed back with open arms despite our qualifications, previous work experience and achievements.  There are seeds of change but there are many more things employers can do become more inclusive and attractive for returners, parents and carers.  We run our sister business CM Talent to help employers attract, retain and develop more gender-balanced teams.

Put simply, we feel the world needs more women leaders.

Supporting women in their careers, especially around motherhood, is a key part of the jigsaw of supporting and inspiring more women leaders.

We’ve been featured on TV, radio, press, podcasts and in books.  We’ve spoken at many events as experts on careers following parenthood.  We’ve learned how to secure the best flexible roles, how to influence recruiters to see you’re the best candidate, how to be leaders, how to navigate squiggly, unconventional careers and how to thrive as a working parent.

Now we use this experience to help women like you successfully transition to the next stage of their working life to meet your life priorities, primarily through our affordable coaching programmes. All our programmes offer emotional and practical support – no fluff – to help you navigate towards your ideal situation 

We occasionally collaborate with selected organisations to reach more women to benefit from our expertise and services as well as speaking at events and working with employers.  As a social enterprise, we’re a not-for-profit, so all our surplus funds are reinvested in improving our services to reach more women.

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Meet the Career-Mums TEAM




We want to make it easier for mums to have thriving careers and feel fulfilled as a parent. A gap on a cv or taking an unconventional career move to fit around your family should not define your potential or future working life. 

Highly experienced in coaching, training and facilitating, I’m passionate about making a difference in the world today by bringing about greater gender balance and enhanced career choices for women. I’m curious (that’s the polite way of putting it!) as to what happens to women’s careers on becoming a parent. 

I’ve worked with lots of different organisations – small, medium and large – having had a corporate HR background and operating as an leadership development coach and consultant for over 10 years.

During my career, I’ve had two significant breaks from work to raise my two daughters. I know first hand the challenges of getting a career back on track after a break and am passionate about taking the message out to employers and communities about an often overlooked source of talent – women returners.

My work is heavily influenced by NLP, Transactional Analysis and Neuroscience. I’m a certified NLP Trainer and Brain Friendly Trainer, have a Masters degree in Human Resources Management and am licensed to use various psychometric tests.

I have recently held the position of Vice-Chair of Coventry & Warwickshire CIPD, providing local leadership for the HR profession and been a School Governor. I’m currently on the Advisory Board for The Black Pounds Project improving the opportunities for black-owned businesses to succeed.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and our dog, travelling, improving my saxophone playing skills and catching up with friends over a glass or two of wine.




We‘ve both taken time out of our careers to care for our young children. We love being parents and also know how important it is to do a job that we feel passionately about.

As a Personal Performance Coach and the co-founder of Career-Mums, I bring a blend of experience in coaching, recruitment training and management.

I have a BA Hons in Social Sciences and am qualified to carry out DISC psychometric tests. I’ve worked extensively with both the private and public sector, and have founded and run my own life coaching business – Imagine Coaching.

After 15 years of working, I took a career break to spend more time with my two children. As such, I’m able to not only understand but also emphathise with the challenges and pressures women face, in particular the lack of confidence and the thought of ‘how to’ relaunch a career. My personal experience of this is my motivation for coaching women to develop their careers around family life and to re-discover their values and purpose. 

My coaching and training combines a background of NLP, Transactional Analysis and more recently a Post Graduate Diploma in Career Coaching Studies at the University of Warwick. 

I am a judge for the Woman Who Business Award and the Women Who Solopreneur Awards, which is all about Women in Business and inspiring Rising Stars of the future. I have also contributed and written about my personal and business journey in the “I am a Woman Who’ book which was published in 2019.

I’m a panel member for the Equality and Diversity Panel for ITV Central news. 

I use my down time to spend time with family and love to socialise with friends, I have a new founded love for pilates and walking. 


Our Philosophy


At Career-Mums we dream of a time when: 

  • Employers see the opportunity of employing a rich and diverse workforce – taking into account the community and societal roles we each have, such as caring and supporting loved ones, at different stages of our working life
  • Flexible work patterns, effective use of technology and leadership practices are widely available to support employees to be productive, engaged and valued throughout their tenure
  • Women are represented equally at all levels and all functions throughout an organisation –with the absence of career choices, recruitment decisions and remuneration being made on the basis of gender, whether consciously or otherwise
  • It is acceptable, and positively encouraged, for new parents to take time out of their careers to raise their babies and young children – knowing that their careers are on hold and can be re-started at a time to suit
  • Having secure, happy and healthy children is compatible with having a successful, thriving career, regardless of gender
  • Caring for dependents – children, sick or elderly – and managing our domestic environments is shared equally across the gender divide